Our Story

Why Blue Dog?

Blue Heelers are a specific type of Australian Cattle Dog. These dogs are well-known for their intense focus and immediate obedience (and stubbornness too) while having the time of their life pleasing their master. They are working dogs who herd groups of animals, such as cattle. They are incredibly loyal and protective. 

Our family has had ACDs for many years and we want to couple the two best simple joys - Coffee and Cattle Dogs. Smokey was our first ACD and he passed away at 15 years old in June 2022. Moose is our current pet and he's a very active pup at 2 years old.

Coffee brings us together and warms us from the inside out. We want our coffee to come from a place of focus on details of flavor and outstanding customer service along with immediate taste bud satisfaction allowing you to savor every single drop. We strive for a life balance of hard work and pleasing our palates with fine coffee. We want to spread the joy and bring people together!

Supporting Rescues: 

By supporting our small business and getting caffienated, you also support the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue Association. We financially give monthly to The Buddy Fund to help give life back to this incredible breed of dogs.


We also enjoy doing give aways and supporting our followers special needs ACDs. If you have a special event coming up, email us and we may be able to donate or give a great discount on some items to add to your event.

Here is Smokey below.