Roast Types Explained


Your palate may taste different flavors (known as tasting notes) than the palate of someone else. It's best to sample each coffee with the same controlled elements. Elements that change the taste of coffee are temperature of the water, steep time (how long the water soaks through the grinds), size of the grind, and coffee to water ratio. Varying one or all of the elements will change the taste of your coffee. The coffee aroma will be just as magical with each blend.

Light Roasted Beans

Light roast typically means the coffee will have a more "watery" appearance, a light body and prominent tasting notes. 

Medium Roasted Beans

Medium roast is the most commonly used roast. This balanced coffee will show off the tasting notes without being too "tobacco" tasting or too "tea" like. 

Dark Roasted Beans

Dark roast is a roast for a bold palate. Some call it rich and some call it burnt. Perhaps you could start with Medium then try Medium/Dark and then try Dark. You can decide which is your favorite!